EDITECNIA: Execution of Technological Installations, automation, telecommunications networks, energy audits and consulting.
Editecnia Ejecución de Instalaciones Tecnológicas

Who are we

Ejecución de Instalaciones Tecnológicas, S.L. (hereinafter EDITECNIA) is a technology based company focused on performing Installations in the Telecommunications field, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.

Since its creation, EDITECNIA belongs to the organizational structure of LYNKA GROUP, which together with other companies in the group covers all types of Industrial and Telecommunication activities in the Engineering and Consulting fields.

EDITECNIA is mainly focusing on performing technological installations, specializing in Automation (home automation, building automation and technical management of buildings and industrial installations), Security (CCTV, intrusion and access control) the implementation of Audiovisual Systems and the integration of Computer Networking Services with Advanced Communication Solutions.

EDITECNIA operates both nationally and internationally and it is located since its incorporation in the Andalusia Technology Park (Malaga, Spain). It also has offices in Madrid and Santiago de Chile.

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